October 2020 Release


  • [DEV-2444] - Template Model Name should not be unique


  • [DEV-2476] - Fix AutoDesignation when Cable Harness is Active
  • [DEV-2501] - Change the note to pull the model name directly
  • [DEV-2507] - Change note to pull from ECAD dimension automatically


  • [DEV-1882] - Changes to integrations endpoints
  • [DEV-2198] - Create buttons to "Recalculate Compound Designation" and "Recalculate All Compound Designations"
  • [DEV-2209] - Make sure that SettingSync Parameters are counting ParameterProfiles properly through ParameterProfileParameters
  • [DEV-2215] - Make a grid component for being able to search or create a parameter on the fly
  • [DEV-2472] - Add stockno column to InsulationEdits patch
  • [DEV-2491] - Add Arrow, Checkbox, Toggle, (something) for "Print Order" on NoteBlock


  • [DEV-2351] - ProMdlTypeGet
  • [DEV-2365] - List Parameters do not apply in Creo
  • [DEV-2465] - Min/Max Segment Length and Max Overall Length not saving values
  • [DEV-2467] - NoteProfile Permissions looking for RsysConfig license
  • [DEV-2483] - Fwd: Set Fitting Data upload
  • [DEV-2490] - Fix SettingSyncNoteBlock "print_order" in API
  • [DEV-2497] - "Desired Model Name" should not be user editable. OR, if they DO edit it, then use that for the model name
  • [DEV-2498] - Orientations seem to be busted in Creo 3
  • [DEV-2499] - ParameterProfile Permissions looking for RsysConfig license
  • [DEV-2514] - Fix AutoDesignation "Designate" Bug
  • [DEV-2519] - Running SetFittingData sometimes converts standalone models into a family table

New Feature

  • [DEV-1601] - Add Relations to Model Templates
  • [DEV-2492] - Grab any "found" parameters from the current model - (for drawings, from the "selected" model)
  • [DEV-2493] - Add "Model Name" to "Apply Model Template" based on the Name Formula
  • [DEV-2494] - Make a separate button for Drawing Builder, which defaults to "Drawing Type" automatically
  • [DEV-2495] - Relations should apply if empty
  • [DEV-2515] - Create Report for Dimensions
  • [DEV-2516] - Create Report for Notes
  • [DEV-2517] - Create Report for GD&T
  • [DEV-2522] - Create Surface Finish Report