When new users or organizations begin to use Creo, they oftentimes do not understand the intricacies and complexities of configuration settings and start templates. Creo has over 1800 different settings that control the user environments; it is recommended that these are standardized across all users. Start templates include important features, parameters, and other metadata that exist when new PRT, ASM, or DRWs are created.

Configuration Settings

Multiple Levels of Configuration Files

For more information on configuration settings and config.pro - see the document above. PTC also has good documentation on this topic which can be found here.


Luckily, PTC has some good starting configuration files and start templates, but they are difficult to find. In the Creo install location, oftentimes called the <creo_loadpoint>, usually C:\Program Files\PTC\(your version of Creo), navigate to Common Files\creo_standards. In this directory, there are good examples of starting config.pros (in both mmks and inlbs) along with templates for ASME and ISO (shown below).