CadActive Platform Orientation

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The below links are intended to help you become oriented to the CadActive platform. Each section has a link to more descriptive documentation on each platform feature.

Config.Pro & Mapkey Management

Organizations can use Config.Pro & Mapkey Management to better manage, create, and share files and mapkeys. This tool involves both the Creo Application and the Web Application. 


Designator is used to easily create unique component designations individually or in bulk. It can be further used to check for conflicting designations and to create compound designations, in case you have identical pieces of equipment at different assembly levels.

Geometry Publisher (Skeletons)

Geometry Publisher helps automate the creation of Publish Geometry features, while using standard naming conventions. We have recently expanded support for surface publishing along with datums.

Model Templates

Model Templates enable organizations to standardize different model types, detect missing data, and apply their standards to already created PRTs, ASMs, and DRWs. 

Component Parameter Management

Component Parameter Management expands the capability of Designator, allows users to add and designate unlimited component parameters. 

Geometry Copier (Skeletons)

Geometry Copier helps automate the creation of external copy geometry features, while using standard naming conventions. Copier pulls Publish Geometry features into skeleton models in batch and allows users to create on-the-fly User-Defined Copies.

Automatic Assembly

AutoAssemble is used to automatically add components to assembly models.  It works in two modes by to both automatically constraining existing components to an existing assembly based on schematic data OR to automatically generating an assembly model tree of existing or new component.

Model Builder

Organizations can leverage the standards they've built out using model templates to help automate the creation of new models (ASMs, PRTs, DRWs). Users can add to start templates with specific model template information and use parameter-driven formulas to intelligently name models.



CadActive Piping helps organizations take advantage of Creo's powerful spec-driven piping module. Setting up the spec-driven libraries are a cumbersome task that CadActive Piping helps simplify and automate.


CadActive Cabling currently spans 3 different features: AutoCabling, Cable Bill of Materials, and CableExtraction. 

  1. AutoCabling converts logical data from an Excel format and imports it into the cabling module in Creo. 
  2. Cable Bill of Materials creates non-graphical bulk parts based on a harness/wire configuration. These bulk parts can be used to track individual wire and cable lengths in Windchill, in addition to being able to easy report on the total sum of a spool in Windchill.
  3. Cable Extraction will read the geometry from your harness models, and create new geometry from it automatically.


There are many different reports you can generate on models with CadActive Reporting. They are:

  • Model Parameter Report
  • Component Parameter Report
  • Model Feature Name Report
  • Model Dimension Report
  • Model GD&T Report
  • Model Notes Report
  • Model Surface Finishes Report
  • Drawing Export

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