If your organization uses miters within your pipelines, you'll want to include this information in your spec-driven library. Luckily, with RsysConfig this is very straightforward.

Instructional Steps

Once you have created a pipe family and want to add miters to it, navigate to that pipe within the Pipes section of the web-application. Either click on the three buttons all the way to the right of the Pipe and select "Manage Miters" (shown below)


click into the Pipe and select the "Miters" button at the top (shown below)

Once you get to the Miters section, you'll want to select "Add New", give your pipe miter a name - we recommend "<Pipe Name> - Miters" as a default name. Once you have created it, you can begin filling out your miters based on a pipe size (shown below).

The above miter information will give you a miter cut that looks like this in Creo.

PTC requires only the Size, Radius, Minimum Angle, Maximum Angle, and Cut Number. Unlike their documentation listed below, you can have as many cut numbers as you want, not just 4.

For more information, see PTC's documentation (here).