Typical On-Premise Deployment Process

Modified on Fri, 11 Jun 2021 at 01:31 PM

We deploy our application to customers through three ways: public cloud, private cloud, or on-premise. For customers looking to use the CadActive application with an on-premise server, there is a typical process that should be followed:

  1. (Customer) Standup a single server for a production environment or two servers for a production and a staging environment (see server requirements here)
  2. (Customer) Install operating system on server(s) 
  3. (Customer) Create VM instance(s) for the server(s)
  4. (Customer) Install Docker CE and Docker Compose
  5. (Customer) Ensure the following ports are open:
    • If SSL, ports 443 and 3000
    • If not SSL, ports 80 and 3000
  6. (Customer) [optional] If SSL is required, generate the SSL certificates
  7. (CadActive) Provide downloadable Docker images to Customer through private link
  8. (Customer) Unpack Docker images and dependencies [everything is self-contained in these files, so no further internet connection is needed]
  9. (Customer) Create organization
  10. (Customer) Invite users to the organization
  11. (Customer) Install the CadActive Creo application on user machines
  12. (Customer) Point user machines to Staging and Production servers (see more information here)

Additional Questions

In addition, there are some other points worth thinking about up front:

  • Will your organization be able to grant CadActive access to the VM to help troubleshoot?
  • Are there any encryption requests (SSL, e.g.) that need to be worked through?
  • Are there any other security/IT requirements?


CadActive typically deploys updates monthly, so we’ll try and stick to a monthly Docker image update for your organization. If you have any questions about this or need further assistance, please email support@cadactive.com


Please provide to the CadActive team a point of contact for:

  • Server Deployment/Setup
  • IT Security

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