Designator Settings

Modified on Tue, 18 May 2021 at 08:33 AM

The Designator is for automatically designating components based off your company's standards.

Step by Step: 

First, there are some prerequisites.

Either a manager or admin for your organization must set your company standards. In the CadActive web interface, select Synchronize in the left-hand side and open the settings button (shown below).

The Designator settings should be the first items you see, nestled within the Synchronize tab.

The settings are:

DescriptionValue Type
Designation MethodThe method for applying designations in Creo. Options include: Cabling Designation, Feature (Component) Parameter, Feature NamePicklist
Force Designations to UppercaseWhen True: The application will force any designations applied to be uppercased.True/False
Set Reference Designation Component Parameter As DesignatedWhen True: The application will mark the component parameter as designated so it can be recognized by Windchill.
Attach Designation Import to WindchillAttach the imported file to Windchill.
Compound Designation DelimiterThe default value used as a delimiter when evaluating compound designations
Designation Map - Report Transformation MatrixWhen reporting the location using the AutoDesignation Map, how should the transformation matrix of each component be extracted?
Reference Designation Component ParameterIf Designation Method is selected as Feature (Component) Parameter, this is the name of the component parameter that will be used when searching for components by designation.

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