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Organizations can leverage the standards they've built out using model templates to help automate the creation of new models (ASMs, PRTs, DRWs). Users can add to start templates with specific model template information and use parameter-driven formulas to intelligently name models.


The "Model Builder" button can be found in the CadActive ribbon whether an ASM, PRT, DRW, or no model is open. When it is open, there will be a list of dropdowns depending on which of the 3 model types you pick.

Model TypeWhich model type will you be creating? Options are ASM, PRT, DRW XXX
Model TemplateBased on which model type you've selected, what model templates in the database are available to choose from?XXX
Desired ModelFor DRWs, which model will you make a DRW of?

Name FormulaPulling from the list of global parameters in the database, making a smart programmatic naming conventionXXX
Model NameThe name for this new modelXXX
Model TemplateThe start model that will be used - can be a start template or an existing modelXXX

If you click the "Show Settings" button at the bottom left, you can uncheck Model Builder from the default to not use templates from the database. When this is unchecked, it will not use model templates from the database and will give you the option to use start templates based on what is in your start model directory (config setting - start_model_dir). Generally, users won't use the Model Builder this way.

Instructional Steps

  1. Depending on which model you wish to create, pick the model type you are looking to create (PRT, ASM, DRW)
  2. Choose which model template you want to use, which will also auto-complete the Model Template (start model) at the very bottom. In this example, we will use Electrical Switches
  3. In the Name Formula inputpanel, either manually type in the name or use the "+" button on the right side to name your model via parameter options. These parameters and their potential values are pulled from the Parameters (page) in the web application. 
  4. If you are creating a DRW, you will need to pick in "Desired Model" what the model you want to place into the Drawing.

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